The administration of MENRO deals mainly on the protection and preservation of the Municipality’s ecology. Various concerns and advocacy on environment matters is in the frontline of this administration.  Plan formulation, policy implementation and special concerns had been part of MENRO sanctioned by the Office of the Mayor.

The supervision and management that is responsible for the preparation and submission of administrative related documents, and oversee the movement of personnel and documents falls within its mandate.  Several memoranda had been prepared and submitted for the improvement of its functions to the Office of the Mayor for approval.

The Plan Formulation and policy implementation initiated guidelines, policies and work plans of the section. This unit accomplished the following initiatives:

Preparation and submission of the Ten Year Solid Waste Management Plan (2005-2012) which provides the blueprint of technical plans and social interventions intended to mitigate the increasing waste generation through proper solid waste management programs. The plan contained the Teresa profile, strategies and timetable for the implementation of the Solid Waste Management Programs, Projects and Activities of Teresa as required by DENR pursuant to Republic Act 9003 otherwise known as the “Ecological Solid Waste Management Act of 2001”;

The plan since then has undergone two (2) revisions as required by the RA9003 and submitted last February 2014 to NSWMC for approval.