The Human Resource management (HRM) function includes a variety of activities, and key among them is determining what staffing needs we have, recruiting and developing the best employees, ensuring they are good performers and dealing on how to improve performance, ensuring that personnel management practices conform to various regulations, employees benefits and compensation, employee records and personnel policies.


As the office being tasked in the management of the human resources of the Municipal Government of Teresa, Rizal, it is our goal to uphold professionalism, morale, personal and interpersonal capacity among the 117 employees, 111 regular and 66 casual in order to make them able to deliver excellent services to the people of Teresa towards the attainment of the municipality’s vision and mission.


We are also concerned with the development of both individuals and the department/office in which they work. We are engaged in implementing programs that will enhance communication and cooperation among our employees in order to nurture organizational development.


To sum up, our primary responsibilities include recruitment and staffing, retention and development of work force including measurement and appraisal of work force performance until the time retirement of employees.