1. To optimize farmers productivity by increasing production and income through implementation of modern technologies/practices (rice, corn, vegetable, livestock and poultry)
  2. To increase farm income from present indication level of Php 30,000.00 to Php 38,000.00 monthly thereby increasing the rural families above the poverty line of 15% in 2013
  3. To provide high yielding varieties of rice in lowland irrigated, rainfed and upland areas
  4. To enhance agricultural productivity through production of high value crops
  5. To regulate conversion of land planted with palay
  6. To provide sufficient and effective irrigation system to supply the needs of the farmers’ field
  7. To strengthen seedling/seed production for distributions
  8. To provide enough post harvest facilities that could help farmers in harvesting operation
  9. To provide high and safe meat products to our customers/clientile
  10. To ensure sufficiency of food supply
  11. To ensure stabilize production of major agricultural crops
  12. To establish/coordinate market linkages among producers and buyers in the agricultural sector
  13. To encourage farmer in organic farming