1. To prepare the annual budgets of the municipality based on the proposals of every government department head/section head;
  2. To prepare the supplemental budget/supplemental budget for realignment as may be necessary for the government operation of the year;
  3. To advise the Municipal Mayor and the Sangguniang Bayan on all budgetary matters, facts and informations;
  4. To formulate efficient check and balance system to monitor expenditures incurred based on the appropriations provided in the annual budget as a means of internal control system for accounting and auditing services;
  5. To maintain and keep all records relative to the issued request for obligations;
  6. To prepare Obligation Request (OBR) certifying the existence of available appropriation;
  7. To post individual disbursement to the index cards/subsidiary ledgers per account/by office;
  8. To assist the Barangay Councils in the barangay budget administration; To check semi-monthly payroll and compute employees annual withholding tax on compensation