Elementary Public: 6   Private: 10
Teacher-Pupil Ratio 1:46 (public)
Classroom-Pupil Ratio 1:56 (public)


1 Main Health Center, 9 Barangay Health Center, 1 Private Hospital
Doctor to population ratio 1:51,6150
Nurse to population ratio 1:5,735
Dentist to population ratio 1:51,615
Health Statistics (average for the last 5 years)
Crude Birth Rate 18 births/1,000 population
Crude Death Rate 4 deaths/1,000 population
Infant Mortality Rate 2 deaths/1000 live births
Maternal Mortality Rate 0maternal death/1000 deliveries
No. of malnourished children 398
Leading causes of mortality Pneumonia
Leading cause of morbidity Acute Respiratory Tract Infection


Social Welfare

22 Day Care Centers
Day care children, disadvantaged families and senior citizens comprise the major clientele served.


26 subdivisions
Housing units needed due to backlog (displaced and doubled-up) and population growth (2015-2022) is 6,172 units

Protective Services
Policeman to population ratio 1:1,072
Fireman to population ratio : 5,240



9 Multi-Purpose Covered Court