1. Tourism officer/ destination managers develop and promote tourism in order to attract visitors and generate significant economic benefits for particular site.
  2. Producing and commissioning tourist information, including art work and writing.
  3. Producing copy of tourism guides and News letters.
  4. Determining and categorizing Local tourist destination in the locality.
  5. Organizing Special and Seasonal events and Festivals
  6. Creating and developed local products as part of the tourism promotion campaign.
  7. Devising and planning tours and arranging itineraries.
  8. Writing and presenting reports such as tourist arrival etc.
  9. Giving Talk to local parties, community group and schools.
  10. Developing e-tourist platform, including websites and other accounts
  11. Organizing Promotional campaign activities.
  12. Searching and develops new local destination.
  13. Organizing package tour for school and local tourist.
  14. Gathering and formulating groups that help for tourist promotion such as artist group, painter sculptor and performing artists.
  15. Organizing and providing programs and seminars for the local artist and apprentice.